What is the Difference Between a Netbook and a Notebook?

Netbooks and notebooks are starting to be compared more and more as the Netbook market has become much more popular. Many have always wanted a cheap and portable laptop to carry around to log into the internet and work on basic applications. Laptops or notebooks at times can become burdensome and this is where the Netbook has stepped into the market place as they are much smaller. Realistically they are both laptops but there are some differences between the two.

Typically a Netbook has a much smaller screen. The original models had 7″ screens but many now have 10″ screens and some even 12″. The lines of Netbook and small notebook with screen size are completely blurred. Make sure you can live with such a small screen and that it is suitable for your intended purposes. They are fine for some people and some purposes but not all. For example, my elderly mother finds them much too small to see clearly.

Since Netbooks are smaller they typically have smaller keyboards. Original models were missing keys but the 10″ models have full keyboards typically about 90% of the original size. Some dislike Netbooks because they are harder to type with but others get used to it quickly. I have fat fingers but the Netbook keyboards are OK with me. Try one first and see.

Netbooks are known for not having a CD-rom. Many don’t need to use CDs while out and about with their Netbook so this doesn’t matter anyway. Very few notebooks are sold that do not have a CD or DVD-rom. This may or may not be an issue with you. It does make installing software tougher.

Netbooks tend to have greater choice in operating systems. Originally all Netbooks had versions of Linux but now have XP and Windows 7 as well. Even if purchased with Windows, there are many users who are installing versions of Linux to them. it’s a personal choice.

Netbooks since they are smaller and use less resources typically dominate in battery life. They use the Atom processor and much less wattage to run. Even on the same size batteries Netbooks get much longer battery life.

Cost is one of the last major differences. Before Netbooks finding notebooks below $500 was difficult. Netbooks start out around $150 most of which are somewhere around $300 or so. Compared to popular notebooks, Netbooks are at least half the price.

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