What About Windows Hosting?

A successful website’s rally depends on the operating system. The operating system has direct effect on the administrations, operation ad control. In the market today, there are two leading operating system. There is the Windows system and the Linux system. We will focus on the Windows system to see what it has to offer.

A Windows system is hosted by software like Windows NT or Windows Server 2008. These 2 types of software will make your web pages work on a Windows platform. These systems possess great features that can let you create a dynamic but easy to manage website. The best part, they can support various Microsoft applications to further enhance the ability of your website.

One of the applications that the Windows system can work with is the FrontPage created by Microsoft. It is included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Inside, there is a server-sided extension installed for you to use. It also comes with the highly recommended ASP hosting. You can choose this hosting because it can let you create interactive web pages. This is something that you cannot get in Linux operating system. Therefore, Windows system can provide you with an edge for your business.

It possesses many benefits because of its connection with Microsoft. You can use many of Microsoft products to incorporate different technologies into your website. You can utilize several programming language like Javascript, VBS script, Cold Fusion and PHP. If you use Windows operating system in a dedicated server, you can also get the ODBC which stands for Open Database Connectivity. Again, this is something you cannot get with Linux system.

However, great qualities do not come cheap. Windows system use to be more expensive when you compare it with other web hosting system. The reason for the higher cost is due to the use of Microsoft- based servers. There are issues regarding license and commercial product fees. The good news is, the demand has been increasing and the Windows system hosting has become more and more affordable for today’s webmasters.

Overall, if you are keen to use the various technologies that Microsoft has to offer to make your website both functional and superior, Windows operating will be your only choice because of its compatibility with the Microsoft applications.

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