We Don’t Buy Green Bananas

At the Farmer’s Market last month I noticed an elder couple meticulously picking through the bananas selecting only those there were truly ripe. To assist in their search, I handed them a bunch that I thought would meet their criteria. The gentlemen accepted my offering with this response, “Thanks, we don’t buy green bananas.” As I walked with them to the parking lot he, Tom, also explained to me their logic. “We try not to live on-accident. When we were much younger we always thought that time was infinite and we had the luxury of wasting time. Now that we’re both in our 90’s, we view time as an entity that we must live in right now, savor every moment, be present to everyone and everything we encounter or choose.” This is an interesting reflection on time and dynamic living.

The hallmark of our society today is to be constantly busy. Busyness is often seen as an admirable trait and suggests that you, as an individual, are very important. What would happen if we stopped using this connotation about ourselves? I’m not suggesting that you abandon long term plans and goals, but to stop for a few moments to fully live. Live as if there is no time. Remember that we as humans have invented the concept of past, present, & future to explain our experience of living. But what if we tried living in the flow of all processes, judging nothing that occurs, appreciating the present experience?

If you think you may be overly busy and living on-accident, ask yourself:

o Are there moments you catch yourself thinking your life is a declaration of “non-congruency”? You really want to be participating in the community fundraiser, but you’re at the office most weekends.

o How will you capture the once in a lifetime moment such as, your son’s first baseball game, if the pursuit of material wealth consumes your calendar?

o How are the measurements of the accepted norm of ‘busy’ fulfilling your professional and personal status, image, goals, and spiritual needs?

o How often do you evaluate your lifestyle for the signs that you may be running out of time? Your calendar is impossible to accomplish in one day or week.

o How can you be more open to seize spontaneous opportunities such as, going to the afternoon movie matinee on the weekend?

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”.
William Penn

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Source by Bradley Ann Morgan