Surplus Equipment And The Companies That Buy IT Surplus

Surplus computer equipment can be manufacturer excess, overstock and slightly obsolete inventory in huge bulk quantities that sits idle losing value as each day goes by. It can also be a project gone wrong where equipment has been purchased and is no longer needed. Surplus can come from a retailer stuck with shelved product and customer returns. Excess equipment can come from a foortune 500 company downsizing, going throuigh backruptcy or just simply upgrading.

Technology, like a car; as time goes on loses its initial value. Technology loses its value due to newer IT hardware and constant upgrades to keep up with the trends of the marketplace. Bigger, better, faster! What that means for a buyer of surplus equipment, is of course discounted pricing with every volume purchase! Basically the more you buy the less the cost to you the buyer.

There was a time where these great values were only available to large volume authorized buyers, dealers, and corporate IT, MIS purchasers and buyers. Today in the computer secondary market, if a wholesale buyer has the the “green, cash, money, funds” they can flip a deal a make a bang on their initial buck. The sellers of surplus discounted computer hardware offer tremendous savings to resellers of volume computer equipment.

If you are thinking of entering the liquidation business; as the old familiar saying goes, “one mans trash is another mans treasure”. Volume lots of tier one manufacturer brands which include IBM, DELL, Gateway, Toshiba and Sony surplus equipment floods the resell marketplace. Volume desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks, barebones, computer systems, network equipment, accessories and parts can turn a quick dollar in the liquidation marketplace. Retailers, IT, MIS Managers in corporate America cannot run away from the dread of customer returns and equipment sitting stagnant depreceiting in value. Surplus merchandise, that is in good working condition and complete, must be resold and liquidated rapidly to recoup capital assets.

Corporate companies utilize nationwide auctioneers, liquidators and asset recovery service providers when surplus equipment needs to be removed, recycled and resold quickly. These liquidators buy high-tech hardware equipment outright and pay cash to the seller. Sometimes the surplus products are refurbished, evaluated, tested, working and repackaged for shipment and resale at awesome discounted prices. Discount surplus computer equipment when sold is first quoted and specks are provided so they buyer can research value. Equipment can be used, open box products with original manufacturer packaging, new and refurbished.

The secondary grey B2B marketplace offers retailers and manufactures a venue to sell large lots of equipment quickly. Online aggregators like provide volume sellers, manufacturers, resellers, brokers, wholesalers and corporate America a place to both buy, sell and trade surplus equipment to interested wholesale buyers. Wholesalers compete in a bidding war allowing the seller to get a high return on their original investment. The asset recovery liquidation marketplace is a place where buyers bid and negotiate on bulk lot technology equipment. Online liquidation marketplaces have the ability to reach qualified buyers globally. A-Z Computer Liquidators has over 10,000 subscribed buyers eager to pay for PC and networking data hardware surplus.

Of course liquidators like A-Z Computer Liquidators sell their surplus to large volume buyers and do not deal with the general public in selling onsie twoosie items. The average individual trying to sell her or his laptop should stick to the more traditional methods of resale like Craigslist, and EBay. If you are a buyer interested in high-end data networking hardware be weary of slashed prices of discounted surplus equipment. When you hear the term “used” in the secondary marketplace its very important to qualify the seller and the equipment they are selling.

IT equipment is often sold “new out-of-the-box at liquidation prices. If you presented for instance with a Cisco router new out of box at a 50% discounted price, this should be a huge red flag. Protect your self from “vaporware” product that is supposedly overseas or across country that does not exist and product that is counterfeit. Qualify you seller! Companies like A-Z Computers and Applied Quality Test have been around for over a decade and have developed strong, easily verified relationships. If you are a Information Technology Manger with equipment that is sitting idle in a storage room or warehouse; understand that your equipment, like a car, as the days go on, loses its market value. You can turn a profit from idle IT equipment no longer being used by selling them to a wholesaler, liquidator of IT surplus equipment

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