Some HTC Titan Basics

The HTC Titan is one of the newest Windows Phone handsets around, just announced for release by the company in September 2011. Main features for the HTC Titan include a 4.7-inch display, an 8MP rear camera, a 1.3 MP front camera, a 1.5GHz processor with 512MB RAM, and up to 16GB of fixed storage. At 4.7 inches, the HTC Titan’s display is the largest of all Windows phones at the time of its release.

Is It Too Big?

Since the HTC Titan is the only one at 4.7 inches, it is easy to assume that it is a size too big for smartphones. Sure, it’s a killer when it comes to playing back videos but a big screen, which translates to a big body, is not exactly going to be handy. And a smartphone that isn’t handy just doesn’t seem like it’ll cut it. The HTC Titan though takes care of concerns with size by coming up with a slim form factor at just 9.9mm. So it’s big yet slim, weighing in at just 160 grams or barely just above 5.5 ounces. Not too shabby, right? Definitely. Unless you’re someone who likes wearing skinny jeans and stuffing your phone in your pockets, the HTC Titan should work out quite well for you. There’s an upside to the massive screen size though apart from the stellar video playback: theres’ a lot of room for the onscreen keyboard so typing away is comfortable, letting you enjoy one of the best experiences in typing around so you can work on your documents and type away messages with ease.

The Display

While the Titan is a big guy with a big screen, it features a resolution of only 800×480 for its display. The good thing though is that while this resolution is still lower than what other smartphones can offer, there wasn’t a lot of pixilation to worry about, with viewing angles that are great and details that are bright and sharp. No justification was provided for why HTC chose with this kind of resolution but a lot of people are speculating that this has to do with dealing with what the operating system for the smartphone needed.

The Build

Whatever shortcomings the HTC Titan had for its display, a lot of reviewers were more than willing to let slide because the build quality of the Titan more than made up for it. The HTC Titan has a black-painted body made of metal, with a small plastic bit at the bottom to let the aerial work. It was also reported that removing the case to reveal the device’s core was also quite pleasurable. A little weakness spotted in the build though has to do with the Titan’s paint job. Over time, it seemed that the paint will chip off and reveal the aluminum body underneath.


The HTC Titan is reported to be compatible with a range of dock accessories that will let the smartphone be smartly used as an alarm clock it charges overnight.

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