Registry Cleaners – Can You Trust Freeware Cleaners?

If you considered using a registry cleaner on your computer, you probably asked yourself if you should buy registry cleaner software, or use one of its freeware counterparts. In this article, we will attempt to weigh the pros and cons of each as objectively as possible so you can make an educated decision of the type of software you should use on your computer.

First of, you should only use cleaner programs from trusted, well-known sites. Cleaning your PC’s registry is a delicate business that should not be left to dubious programs of questionable source.

The benefit of a free cleaner program is obviously that it is free. There are many programs out there with great diagnostic capabilities. One drawback of such programs though is that they contain many bugs, and are unstable. You may decide that freeware is of lesser quality simply because it is free (perhaps the company cannot make any money on this product, you might think). But the truth is, freeware product earn money to the company by adverts and donations, so you shouldn’t assume that just because a software is free, it is not good. You can use freeware programs to diagnose your system and figure out what program is the best for your cleaning needs.

Although top registry-cleaning programs may cost money, they are relatively cheap (30-40 dollars on average). Their main advantage is that they are stable. When it comes to registry cleaning, you want to make sure the program you use is stable enough so it does no harm to your computer. Damaged registry is costly to fix, and can be very aggravating, so make sure you choose a reliable program. Additionally, as a precautionary measure, always back up your registry before you clean it. This will protect your computer and allow you to restore it to its original state without using professional help.

We reviewed 10 different registry cleaner programs objectively and tested them for file removal ability, ease of use and price. All programs passed our tests, and none removed crucial files from the registry. You can view the detailed results in the registry review website. We’ve also included a link to our free diagnostic scan.

In sum, registry cleaner programs can be bought or downloaded for free. It is typically best to use the free cleaners for a diagnostic scan, and for actual repairing of your registry, it is recommended to purchase a suitable cleaner.

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