Plastic or Wire Fan Guards – Which Should I Buy?

Fan guards are an essential part of any and every fan, increasing efficiency of the system and helping stop foreign bodies entering the machine and causing damage. As good fans can be quite costly, reducing expense and minimising downtime of your equipment through the purchase of a simple fan guard is often a wise idea.

There are many different types of fan guards available on the market, as well as many different sizes; models typically range from the 25mm fan guard to the 422mm guard, although of course your choice all depends on the actual fan being used. Common sizes are typically the 40mm fan grill, the 80mm fan guard and the 120mm fan guard.

In addition to the vast array of designs and sizes of fan grill available, there are also a number of different materials that are used – namely plastic or wire. There are advantages to both of these types, and if you are looking for either a 120mm, a 40mm or an 80mm fan grill, consider these factors carefully before making your choice.

Plastic fan guards are generally very popular as they have one distinctive advantage that makes them extremely attractive to clients and clients’ budgets – they are inexpensive. Plastic fan grills are the most low cost option on the market today, making them the ideal choice for those who do not want to spend a great deal of money on these items.

There are other significant advantages to investing in plastic fan grill too, including the fact that they generally produce very small amounts of noise. This can be ideal for those who prefer minimal noise pollution in their home or office environment.

One of the disadvantages of plastic fans grill, however, is that they are generally available in a smaller range of sizes than wire fan guards, typically ranging from 40mm through 162/172mm. This can limit their application, although those looking for a typical 120mm or 80mm fan grill will be able to find what they are looking for very easily.

Wire grill are the other principal choice when it comes to selecting this kind of equipment. These are generally slightly more pricey than their plastic counterparts, yet good quality products of this kind of material are still widely available for very reasonable prices.

The benefits of wire grills are numerous, making them a popular choice with many professionals as an ideal solution for keeping their electronics cabinets cool in the office and where optimally-functioning equipment is critical. One main advantage of wire fan guards is that they are an extremely durable option, and therefore a long-lasting solution for the workplace.

Metal fan grills also often come in a larger range of sizes that plastic ones, normally ranging from 25mm to a very large 422mm in diameter. Of course, the typical sizes of 120mm, 40mm and 80mm fan grills are also widely available.

One significant advantage of wire fan guards is that they can be designed and manufactured to specifications forwarded by a customer with very specific needs. Although standard designs are also available, custom wire guards are often the choice of professionals in the industrial electronics, office automation and telecommunications industries.

Metal fan grills are also notable for producing very low levels of noise, being easy to clean and maintaining minimal airflow loss. Whether opting for an 80mm fan guard or a 422mm one, these items are a great balance of durability and high levels of performance.

Whatever size or design of fan guard you require – whether a standard 40mm or 80mm fan grill or something more unusual – there are numerous high quality plastic and wire models available that can surely fulfil your requirements. Before you make your decision, weigh up whether the budget-friendly plastic option or the tough and customizable wire choice is best suited to your needs.

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