My Windows Are Nearly Due For Replacing, Is There A Choice?

Double glazing is the way of the future. It is a well-known fact that most heat is lost from a house through the windows. Double and even triple glazing will save you a small fortune on energy bills as well as lower your carbon footprint. As an added bonus, double glazing will insulate your house against outside noise and slow (if not stop) the build-up of condensation on your windows.

Double and triple glazing will not only save on household bills, it allows you to make a solid investment that will last a good number of years, allowing you to increase your remodeling estimates in the short term, to save money in the long term. Double glazing should last between 10 to 20 years, however given time (just like any window) they will need replacing.

Are there different types of replacement windows?

Thanks to a robust market inland and across the seas, you may now buy energy saving windows in almost any (if not all) styles to suit anybody’s remodeling estimates.

• Picture windows

• Single & double hung windows

• Bay windows

• Awning windows

• Casement windows

• Slider windows

• And many custom sized windows

In most cases due to the high demand pushing prices down, these various types of replacement windows vary only slightly in price.

What about energy efficiency?

Most professionally made energy-efficient windows are double or triple glazed. The well-made ones will have an energy star which means you will be saving hundreds of dollars per year.

According to the Energy Star website created by the “US Environmental Protection Agency”, the American household average savings for replacing single pane windows with double glazing is between $146-$501.

The average household would save 1,147-3,839 pounds of carbon dioxide. That is the same as 59 to 196 gallons of gasoline!!!. By replacing double-pane, clear glass windows the average American household will save between $71-$247. The average household will also save between 692-2,825 pounds of carbon dioxide. That is the same as 35 to 144 gallons of gasoline!!!

Add those numbers into your remodeling estimates and the energy-efficient types of replacement windows become a worthwhile and intelligent decision. Wouldn’t glueing two or three single panes together do the same thing but cheaper?

It would lower your energy bills a little but couldn’t compare to the sophisticated technology of double/triple glazing types of replacement windows. Between the panes of double/triple glazing the air is sucked out and replaced with dry air argon and sealed tight. This creates an extra barrier against losing more heat and keeping noise out.

A lot of energy efficient windows use modern composite polymer plastics that are far less heat conductive than aluminum. This stops further heat loss. Double and triple glazed windows are stronger than single pane windows, even if you glue three single panes together. This is because three panes together is rigid, so will be more likely to crack during high winds and even frost. This will not happen with double/triple types of replacement windows.

I’m selling my house soon, so I would be silly to spend money on new types of replacement windows wouldn’t I? Indeed, keep the cash, however you should note that houses with up to the date energy efficient types of windows sell for more than houses that do not.

No buyer wants to spend thousands on a home, just to pay for new windows. Not only are your windows a good selling point, but the overall energy rating for your house will be improved. You can happily point out all the houses the same as yours but without double/triple glazing windows, and tell your buyers with pride, that your house’s heating bills will be substantially less.

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