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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Key Activation

There is also an option to activate Office by phone when online activation does not work.

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We are going to use the Office 2016 Professional Plus activation as an example, and it will also work for Office 2019.

When we have finished the installation if we open Office or any application contained in the suite such as Word, and we get this message telling us that we have reached the limit of activations for this key, what we will do is to pull back.

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We will select which we want to activate by phone

We will select our country Spain and the free number we have to call will appear again. The procedure is the same as for activating Windows 10 by phone:

“So we pick up our cell phone, call the toll-free number, and we get an automated voice mail. It will ask us to enter using the mobile phone keypad the numbers that appear as installation IDs one group after another until we insert the 9”.

“Once this is done, we will be answered by a locution which will list a series of numbers that we will introduce in each block associated with a letter. We recommend having paper and pen at hand to write down the numbers that the voice of the locution enumerates. Then you will enter them into the computer.

When we have finished entering the numbers, we will click on Next and this is the message that will appear after proceeding. Office will be fully activated.