Life Is Sweet – Candy Bar Storyboards

Candy now warms the heart as well as delights the taste buds. Clever people have discovered a way to tell one’s life history through the use of candy. The story is displayed on large poster boards where candy bars or other treats such as gum or peanuts are glued onto the board to replace words. The story is then read out loud at a party to celebrate the event. These sweet stories are most often used at milestones such as a 40th or 50th birthday but can also be used to celebrate anniversaries, promotions, or a retirement. The only limit is one’s imagination!

To illustrate, here is an example of an anniversary tale told with the candy story board. Where the word is capitalized, the treat would be glued to replace the written word. Poetic license is taken with both grammar and the facts in order to use as many pieces of candy as possible. To illustrate, this story board was written for the silver anniversary of Hank and Kathy Thomas.

….Kathy Holton moved to California from Indiana looking for her CUP-OF-GOLD in the golden state. She moved to the RED HOT city of Sacramento where she went to work for the phone company. Although Kathy would never earn 100 GRAND, she did survive PAYDAY to PAYDAY.

After years of dating NERDS and GOOBERS with ZERO appeal Kathy found a BIT-O-HONEY when she met Henry (Hank) Thomas.

Hank knew that he could SKOR some points with Kathy by sending her a huge bouquet of roses to her office. “OH HENRY!” Kathy exclaimed. You BIG HUNK, you are the MR. GOODBAR that I have been looking for!” “ABBA ZABBA” thought Hank as he kissed her BIG CHERRY lips. “Marry me, KITKAT and our lives will be MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY. I’ll be your SUGAR DADDY and we will have lots of SUGAR BABIES.”

Life was GOOD & PLENTY for the Thomas family. As the years went by, the family grew with the addition of the 3 MUSKETEERS, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. The boys had STARBURSTS of energy and loved to play sports. Matthew played baseball but because he had BUTTERFINGERS and often dropped the ball, he switched to soccer where he could SKOR more goals.

UNO that parenthood is a WHOPPER of a job. But NOW AND LATER you can enjoy a quiet CAREFREE life, still SWEETTARTS, holding hands with lots of KISSES while gazing out at the MILKY WAY. Congratulations on your 25th wedding anniversary….

Because each life is unique, each Candy story board is different. The key to a unique sweet story is finding a variety of candies to use. Go beyond the typical choice of candy available in most stores and seek out candy stores or serendipity shops that have unusual or nostalgic candies. Of course, the internet can be a terrific resource for this.

Try it! Your own sweet saga will be the highlight of the event.

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Source by Christopher A Pratt