HP Pavilion Elite HPE-360Z Review – The Premium Computer

The $1,000 HPE-360Z is a PC in its own class. Many people who have tried to write a HP Pavilion Elite HPE-360Z review have failed to bring out the great features that are available in this model.

For one, it is an extremely stylish model. If you take it to any room, you can be sure that people will notice. All the connectivity ports at the front of the computer are concealed. And if you are afraid that your peripherals will get scratched, don’t worry. The PC comes with a landing slide and this will help keep your PC looking new and shiny.

Although the PC has a lot of stylish features, there is more to PCs than just style, and I think that that is where the PC beats a lot of its competitors hands down. The HPE-360Z fights where it matters most – performance. The machine is able to handle a lot of multitasking activities and it is also able to conserve a lot of energy as a result of the fact that the manufactures have adopted new technology in the manufacture of this computer.

If you order a brand new computer, you will be presented with three options of buying the operating systems (windows 7.) These are the windows 7 home premium, windows 7 professional, and windows 7 Ultimate. The windows 7 home edition is included in the price but the other two are purchased at additional costs.

When it comes to the processor, the PC employs the AMD technology. You will have to choose from a variety of models with speeds that range from 2.6 GHz to 3.0Ghz. The RAM size starts from 8 GB and goes up to 16 GB. Definitely, such ram size clearly means that the job that the machine is supposed to handle is quite big. The hard drive of the PC is also worth mentioning. You can get a machine with hard disk space ranging from 500 GB to 3 TB! Only those people with a lot to work on will be able exhaust all that space.

This computer will allow you to design and come up with professional looking movies that you will be able to develop and share with other people. If you have read this HP Pavilion Elite HPE-360Z review keenly, you will agree with me that this machine is a real jewel that you can use to start a one-stop-shop right there in your bedroom.

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