How to Remove Virus Protector Spyware Automatically-Manually

What is Virus Protector and How It Spreads To Your Computer

Virus Protector Pro is a malicious spyware software which is made to cheat money from naive computer users. This software is installed with the help of Trojan called Zlob. This Trojan masquerade itself as a video or audio codec. For example, you search and download a movie from the Internet from suspicious websites and when you try to open the video file you are asked to download a particular codec to play the file.

Now you download that codec (Which is actually a virus) in your system and that way your computer gets infected. You think that you are downloading a codec to play the video file but in reality you are downloading and installing a virus yourself!

How Virus Protector Pro Can Harm Your Computer

Once installed on your computer, it will automatically configure itself to run on Windows startup. As soon as you Logon to your computer the virus will automatically load in the background. It will generate many files with random names on your computer and then it will scan your computer. It will show you those files as infections, while in reality, those files are totally harmless and created by this software itself. The main purpose behind this is to threat you so that you purchase full version of the program.

You should simply ignore the results this software shows because they are all fake. This software will keep telling you that there are malicious files on your computer which you should remove as soon as possible. It will show pop-ups every now and then and won’t let you run many software. As soon as you will run the software it will tell you that the software is infected and it will close the software automatically.

How to Remove Virus Protector Manually

1. First of all you need to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons on your keyboard.
2. Click on Task Manager and then select processes tab page.
3. Look for a file named “VirusProtectPro.exe,” and select “End Process.”
4. Search and delete these Infected dll files from your computer.


5. You might need to search and remove other traces of virus from your computer and this should work.

As you can see, the manual removal is not easy and if you do not remove all the traces of virus from your computer it is very likely that the virus will return on next reboot of your computer. It is highly recommended that you remove the virus by using automatic removal tools. That way you can be sure that virus has been deleted from your computer 100% and it will never return.

Virus protector is not the only threat for your computer but there are numerous similar software on the Internet. New fake antivirus software are being made every day and it is highly recommended that you use a genuine anti-spyware software which provides real-time protection.

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Source by R. K. Jain