How to Make a Window Opening in a Timber Wall

Framing a window opening in a stud wall.

A standard window opening in the UK is 1200mm clear opening. For the sake of this example we will make the depth of this window 1200mm as well.

You build the opening, as you would do for a door opening. See our previous article on how to frame a door opening.

Then you cut a window board, which is 1210mm, the exact width of the window and the jacks, which are cut to suit the depth of the window.

The window board goes the full width of the window plus 10mm for tolerance and fitting of the actual windows, and this window board sits on 5 number jacks which are fixed to the window board, the sole plate and the two end jacks are face nailed to the cripples.

The jacks themselves are 776mm in length and are worked out using this method. The height of the window is 2100 measured from finished floor level less 1210 (the depth of the window) = 890mm less the window board 38mm = 852mm less the sole plates 76mm = 776mm.

Now once you have taken your stud and cripple pack and fixed it into the wall, taking care to keep everything plumb and level, take your beam and fit it into place over the cripples, nailing with a side stitch pattern and face nailing through the king stud to secure the beam in place.

Next take your jacks and fix two of them to either side of the window opening to the cripple studs keeping them flush with the cripple.

Next fit the window board nailing it to the top of the two jacks. Fit the remaining jacks with a side stitching technique at 400mm centres, making sure to keep them flush with the other timbers and plumb.

And that is how to frame a window opening.

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