Home Selling 101: Getting Your Home Ready for the Home Inspection

OK you prepared your home to sell. You mowed the lawn. You put out new pine needles and you even replaced those three dead bushes. You disassembled the trampoline in the back yard that you couldn’t live without three summers ago. You moved out the clutter (all into the garage and the attic) to make your home seem bigger. You painted over that purple accent wall with a neutral color. You even took down your velvet painting of “Dogs Playing Poker.” You lived in your house as if it were a museum for three months. Real Estate agents have been in and out of your house more often than my family at a buffet bar.

Well, you got an offer and accepted it. The buyer’s real estate agent tells you they want you to swim in a tank with live sharks…..I mean let their home inspector come and inspect your house. You feel the anxiety coming on…What to do…..no don’t take those pills they talk about on TV. Read the tips in this article.

My purpose in this article is to let you know some common things that home inspectors look for during an inspection and some things you can do to prepare for the colonoscopy……..I mean the home inspection. Here are my tips:

1. The home inspector is going to find something. No mater how much you prepare your house, he will find something. Don’t take it personally.

2. Clean your gutters.

3. Trim any trees or branches touching the roof.

4. Caulk the joints on your trim around windows and doors.

5. Make sure all your downspouts have diverters under them.

6. Clean your oven…make sure all your burners work.

7. Make sure your disposal and dishwasher are working properly.

8. Tighten your kitchen cabinets if they are loose.

9. Tighten tour toilets if they are loose.

10. Make sure your heat and air conditioning are working properly.

11. Caulk around your tub and shower if needed.

12. Change your filters for your HVAC system.

13. Make sure all your windows and doors open and close properly. Make adjustments as needed.

14. Remember all the stuff you dumped in the attic and garage to make your house more roomy? Please clean these. The inspector will need to get in there.

15. Make sure your garage door goes up and down properly. Make sure the auto reverse works properly.

16. Replace any light bulbs that are burned out.

17. For goodness sakes whatever you do, don’t put that velvet painting of “Dogs Playing Poker” back on the wall.

Get off the ledge!!! Don’t jump!!! You will be fine. You will survive the home inspection process. Remember that the home inspector is still going to find some things no matter how much you prepare. It’s not personal. If you have any questions or concerns about the home inspection process…or you want to buy a used trampoline…cheap. Cantact me – Preston Sandlin .

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Source by Preston Sandlin