Get PC Energy Guard To Conserve Electricity

A computer can be regarded as one of the fastest developing electric loads worldwide, but still most of the energy used up by your PC will be wasted. A primary reason for this is because computers are frequently maintained in 100 % power mode even when they are not in use. Research has shown that an average, computers are being actively used for fifty percent of the time that it is on throughout the day. As a result you need to get PC Energy Guard to save electricity.

This is the most effective and affordable way to lower energy consumption. Setting the PC energy saver to automatically switch off the computer late at nights and weekends could save up to $100 and a huge amount of carbon dioxide each year for every unit.

You don’t have to worry when using this device as you can set the energy guard so that various other important applications, such as back up programs and anti-virus scans will run until completed before the PC is powered down during the day time or weekend.

The following are some features of the PC Energy Guard:

Instantly establish temporary solutions such as being able to shut down within one hour.

Will save on energy charges and minimizes greenhouse fumes.

It is equipped with multi-lingual capabilities in English, Spanish, French or German.

All of this and much more will be automatically set up for days, several weeks or months, this means you will not only save a bundle of money but also spend less time working.

If you are like most people who believes that screen savers can help you to conserve energy, you will be surprised to know that it actually use more if the PC is idle. This is all the more reasons to get Energy Guard because today’s PCs are made to deal with several start-up sequences, so turning of your computer will not significantly decrease its life, but will probably help to extend it.

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