Exporting Your Broadband Access Equipment in Russia – List of Russian Distributors

According to an iKS-Consulting report, there were more than 300 BWA operator networks in 2006, while in 2002 only 120 networks operated in Russia. Despite its dynamic development the market size remains modest: the sales of BWA equipment doesn’t exceed USD 20 million annually. While on a corporate level BWA share is growing, yet it remains a niche solution. The following market segments share in the BWA market in Russia:

Dial-up – 30%

BWA – 5%

Broadband Fixed Access – 65%

BWA generates over 7% of revenues from the broadband Internet market. The lion’s share of operators service less than 100 clients, and ARPU remains low – about USD 200. Moscow and regions boast a large number of clients for whom broadband wireless is the only preferred choice for Internet access. An average annual growth in 2002-2004 exceeded 50%, and remained high in 2005-2006.

To export your broadband access equipment to Russia you will surely need to partner with established Russian companies, be they system integrators or distributors. These companies can help you through uncertainties of the certification process, help you to find the right clientele and channel your business throughout Russia. Here is a list of some reputable Russian companies that can work with you on this:


40, Bld. 1, Bolshaya Semenovskaya Street, Office 601, 603, 605, 607

107023, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7-495-785-1498

Fax: 7-495-785-1489

Email: info@avalcom.ru

Contact: Mr. Igor Dyadyuk, General Director


1 Olympic Village, Michurinsky Prospect

119602, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7-495-797-8899

Fax: 7-495-437-5298

Email: root@informsviaz.ru

Contact: Mr. Mark Kuperman, President


3 Gubkin Street

119991, POB-1, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7-495-785-2525

Fax: 7-495-785-2526

Email: sales@comptek.ru

Contact: Mr. Maxim Alzoba, Manager


29/7, Bld. 1, Krzhizhanovsky Street

117218, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7-495-784-7313

Fax: 7-495-784-7314

Email: info@cti.ru

Contact: Mr. Alexander Volodin, General Director

Activity: CTI (Communications. Technology. Innovations ) system integrator specialising in IP-communication and IP solutions.

Diamond Communications

33 Kashirskoe Shosse

Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7-495-727-4400

Fax: 7-495-727-4401

Email: info@diamond.ru

Contact: Ms. Inna Steinberg (Plotnikova), President

INLINE Technologies

29 Vernadskogo Prospect, Office 1104

119331, Moscow, Russia

Tel: 7-495-721-3505

Fax: 7-495-131-4529

Email: info@in-line.ru

Contact: Mr. Vladimir Varivoda, General Director

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