CD/DVD Duplicators and Their Importance

The evolution of the CD/DVD duplicator has been a blessing for businesses of all types, helping them deal with data storage and dissemination. From publishing annual reports for investors and shareholders, to availing training material for staff and personnel, it is all made possible through the production of large quantities of discs copied with CD/DVD duplicators.

Running a business is getting tougher these days, being continually subjected to all forms of competition and challenges on its road to success. One such challenge is the efficient management of data. Correct information or data management is the lifeline of every business, and the loss of key information is sure to create chaos. Thankfully, technology has provided a reliable solution to problem.

The CD/DVD duplicator, although it has been around for a while in the IT sector, plays a major role in providing a fast, easy and significant storage solution. This piece of sophisticated equipment has evolved into a potent weapon behind the success of any business. All size of business has found it more than useful in creating and duplicating all forms of content on all types of optical media, from CD, up to DVD R (both single-layer and double-layer), and more recently Blu-ray media. So let’s take a look at some of the features of a duplicator.

Generally, they don’t need a computer to operate (i.e. they can function stand-alone). Some though, do have a USB port to connect to a hard disc or PC as per requirements.

They have a built-in high storage hard disk for storing optical disc images.

They can burn at speeds of 48x for CD and 24x for DVD.

Some duplicators have the capacity to burn 1000 discs.

Support any format of recordable media like CD-R, CD-R(W), BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-R(W) and DVD+/-R Dual Layer.

They come in varying configurations, starting at 1 drive and going up to 15 or more drives for faster duplication of larger jobs.

User friendly control panel.

Auto recognition of master and blank discs for recording.

Password protected.

Automatic verification of data after recording.

These key features of a CD/DVD duplicator should be enough to convince any business of the benefits of this extraordinary piece of equipment. To start with, it greatly simplifies and automates the creation of backup copies of important material and key information, vital to the survival of any business.

Businesses can also provide management, investors, shareholders and other interested parties, with company reports and related information by producing large runs of copies, easily and quickly. The same process can also be used to provide training material for new employees and staff. Businesses can also create large quantities of marketing material for potential clients and customers, helping develop brand awareness. Finally, the gradual reduction in the price of recordable media over the years, is an additional boon to the businesses making this a cost effective means of information storage.

Presently, there are several manufactures producing different categories of cd dvd duplicators which are not only reliable, fast and of superior quality, but also affordable and easy to use. Among the best and most trusted brands on the market is that of Microboards.

Source by Constantin Kioulafas