Avoid These 4 Money Drains When Upgrading Your Home

Making major changes to the structure or lay out of your home can be an extremely exciting project. However, everyone knows that with any building work comes the inevitable cost for materials and professional tradesman. There are a number common pitfalls that not many people are aware of which, when avoided can save you a pile of cash.


Always use legitimate tradesmen. Before signing any contracts make sure you do your research on your selected tradesmen. If you are employing a joiner, ask for some references and if possible go and see some of their work. Get confirmation of their accreditation to any professional bodies and visit their place of work too if possible. Performa search online for their name and see what comes up. Make sure you are completely confident that they are legitimate before agreeing to anything. Cowboys and rouge traders can, if you are not careful, perform substandard work and charge you extra for it.

Legal Disputes/Planning Permission

Avoid legal disputes and planning permission by opting for a building firm that will take care of all this for you. It can be a minefield of paperwork and legal issues that without the experience you could pay extra money on lawyers that you could be spending on a garage conversion.


For anything bigger than putting up a shelf, unless you are an accomplished DIY expert already, trying to tackle a major construction project like building a conservatory can be fraught with danger. By spending money in the right place you can have a professional building company complete a project that would have taken you months, in a couple of days. It may look like an easy job to watch someone on television install conservatories or UPVC windows but if you don’t have much experience then it can be very difficult. This will save you money in the long run, especially as many firms have as much as a 10 year guarantee, and will allow your family the peace of mind that your new conservatory isn’t going to come down on their heads.

Bad Taste

You may have been perfecting your designs for an extravagant garage conversion since you moved into your house, but without consulting someone with an actual eye for design there is no way of telling if your hard earned money is going towards something you can be proud of or ashamed of. Most good construction companies can work with you on a design so that you are happy and confident that you are adding value to your home. By avoiding these pitfalls you will be certain to make a positive step when upgrading your home without leaving you needing a patch job on your exhausted wallet.

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