5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Power Wheels Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade?

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Power Wheels Barbie Pink Cadillac Escalade:

1) So, firstly I think this is one of the best power wheels out there and it’s built like tank. This toy right here is like a real car, it’s very reliable safe and I think that is very important, the only downside is that it is kinda heavy, but I mean it’s large, just like a real Cadillac with all these extras (I will talk about this later)…

2) Second reason is that, it has a terrific design that kinds love, it looks really shiny, stylish and fun. If you want to buy it for a boy, then you can choose a different color, you don’t have to buy it in pink, but it looks cool in all these colors.

3) It has extras just like a real Cadillac:

– Two speeds – 2.5 and 5 mph
– Working doors – just like a real car.
– An FM sound system! She’ll love driving to the music!
– See-through windows
– A working fuel (a battery charge indicator) meter
– Chrome wheels and grille
– 1 year manufacturer bumper to bumper warranty

4) Another great thing about power wheels barbie pink Cadillac Escalade has plenty room for like 4 kids, so if you have two kids, than they can easily share it. This car is kinda big, but it has so many great extras just like a real Cadillac!

5) Finally you should but this car because your kids will love it. You can fall in love with this thing within minutes, I wish I had a car like this when I was a kid…

So, if you want a reliable, stylish and attractive car that doesn’t cost a fortune, then this is for you…

Of course there are cheaper power wheels out there but I think that this is one of the most reliable and stylish cars, plus it has so many cool features and extras…So I suggest that you buy this power wheel not some cheaper one, because you get what you pay for!

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Source by Jack Zac Johnson