10 Reasons To Install Storm Shutters

From Texas to Maine, millions of Americans live in coastal areas that are in danger of being struck by a hurricane. To protect their lives and property, these residents should seriously consider installing storm shutters. Here are ten benefits of adding them to any home.

1. Protection

The only way to prevent catastrophic damage during a storm is to keep out whipping winds and driving rains. Covering vulnerable glass windows and doors with sturdy shutters can prevent a breach that could endanger the entire structure.

2. Saving Energy

When deployed during the cold winter months, these protective devices can actually save homeowners money on utility bills. Because they essentially trap heat inside, owners can often lower the thermostat a bit and use less heat.

3. Blocking UV Rays

For folks with a summer or second home, closing storm shutters when away can protect carpets, drapes, and furniture from harmful UV rays that can damage or discolor them.

4. Lower Insurance Rates

A growing number of insurance providers are offering discounts to customers who have these devices installed over all window and door openings in their homes. Because they can prevent serious damage and big repair bills, it makes sense that many providers are reducing rates to encourage clients to have shutters installed.

5. Easy To Use

As tough and sturdy as they may be, most of these hinged or rolling covers are a cinch to operate. Anyone who can use regular window curtains or blinds can easily open and close these mechanical devices.

6. Higher Resale Value

Because safety is a major concern for most homebuyers, storm shutters are a popular feature in existing homes. This is especially true in regions of the country where hurricanes are a constant concern. As such, resale values of abodes in these areas can get a nice bump after putting protective devices in.

7. Shielding Glass

Only the strongest storms can cause catastrophic damage to sturdy structures, but even a minor gale can damage glass doors and windows with flying debris. Not only is broken glass dangerous, but it can also be expensive to repair. No matter the size of the opening, shutters can be used to completely cover it.

8. Preventing Injury

When glass shatters, thousands of jagged shards go flying in all directions. If one of these shards should strike someone inside your home, it could cause serious, even deadly, damage. Installing metal covers over every glass opening can prevent that nightmare scenario from ever happening.

9. Saving Time

Many people install plywood boards over vulnerable openings before any big storm. This labor-intensive task not only takes several hours, but it can also damage the outside structure of the abode with nails, screws, and other adhesives. Not to mention, it wastes time that would be better spent helping others. Compare that inconvenience to the minutes it takes to deploy rolling or hinged devices, and the best choice quickly becomes apparent!

10. Deterring Criminals

Just as they prevent rain and wind from gaining entry to your abode, these sturdy metal coverings can also stop burglars, thieves, and vandals from getting inside. In fact, most wouldn’t even try if they saw them on your windows or doors.

For all of these reasons, storm shutters are an excellent investment for most homeowners.

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